What is the easiest ballroom dance for a beginner?

Ballroom and latin dancing can be easier to learn than you may expect.  If you are nervous about ballroom dancing and don’t think you can do it, I encourage you to challenge that assumption and read this article.  You may think it is significantly easier to get started in ballroom and latin dancing than you thought.  To get started with ballroom and latin dancing, you can break it down into simple movements.

The basics of ballroom dance involve walking forward, walking backward, and walking side to side.  With just these basic movements, you will be able to begin dancing.  The 1st dance step you may want to learn is the box step, because it is found in almost every dance; including: waltz, rumba, foxtrot, and quickstep.

The box step is known as the 8th wonder of the world in ballroom and latin dancing.  This is the case because the box step is really easy to learn and applicable to so many dances.  .  Although the footwork is the same in all of the dances using the box step, the technique can be significantly different.  For example, in the waltz, the timing is one, two three, one two three; all even counts.  The Rumba uses slows and quick’s in timing.  The timing is slow, quick, quick.  Additionally, in rumba, there is a difference in hip action.  Rumba emphasizes rhythmical movement of the hips, whereas, waltz emphasizes swing and smooth, fluid movement.  The box can be a great place to learn the differences between dances and learn technique.  Many ballroom dance instructors have developed excellent exercises using the box to help students better learn ballroom and latin dancing. The box step is a great teaching tool and a great place to learn the differences between the dances

Waltz and rumba are the easiest dances for most beginners and a good place to get started.  If you are interested in learning ballroom and latin dancing, I encourage you to try a lesson to see what you think.  You may find that it is easier to learn dance than you think and that dancing is an excellent hobby that can help give you an excellent social life and give you something in common with many other people.

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